Friday, May 13, 2011

Swirlz Art

Tapping into my creativity the easy way.  A few months ago a friend clued me in on this business that teaches you to paint.  You pay $35 and they supply everything you will need to paint (paints, brushes, palette, easel, canvas, smock, etc.).  You just bring a great attitude and leave your nerves at home!  They allow you to bring snacks and drinks...and yes that includes wine.  Is there a better way to feel like a painter, than to be painting and drinking wine. All of the classes assume novice or no painting ability.  You just relax and expect to have fun and be surprised at how great your painting will turn out (it looks even better once you get it home away from everyone else's).    I will admit, the first time I went, I was literally shaking so bad I could barely paint.  After drinking nearly my entire bottle of wine, my nerves only slightly melted away.  Here are the three paintings I have painted and a few of my friend's as well....there are a lot, so be prepared! 
This is my very first painting not too bad even with a shaky hand

This is my friend Brooke's

This is my cousin Mary's

This is my Friend Tessa's

This is Brooke's painting the 2nd time we went (she is kinda awesome) 
This was my 2nd painting (they also give us the option of doing different colors)

This is my Mother in law's (first time she has gone) Not too bad for a first timer

This is my friend Tessa's 2nd time she has gone

Me, Brooke, Brook'e Mother in law, and Tessa
Me, Brooke, and my MIL

Brooke's mom, Brooke, friend Holly, Jessica, and me this is the 3rd painting

here is mine up close...I am not loving the trunk it is too thin.  Oh well

  They have a few of these set up in the southeast and will be opening a few more soon.  Even one in Phoenix!  If you are in one of those areas, I would definitely recommend giving this a shot.  Here are the links to the two companies I know of. 

If you have been to one of the classes let me know what you think of them!  Oh and I have another class scheduled for May 25th, it is supposed to be an advanced class, so wish me luck on it and I will let you all know how is goes!

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