Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Alphabet Photography

Update:  So, I have noticed that with Christmas coming up many people people are looking at this post.  I have actually found a flickr page that has many alphabet pictures on it that you  can also use if you did not want to go through everything I went through to get the pictures for your picture.  Here it is for the letters and here is the link for numbers.  Hope that helps you all out!

I was cleaning out one of my closets today, which is something I have to do on a regular basis since we live in a two bedroom house (sorry for the rant).  Anyway, I found a list I had made for Christmas present ideas that I was wanting to either make or buy for family members.  I actually had a few really good ideas this year.  One of them was something I am sure many of you have seen or even heard of.  Alphabet Photography.  There is a small shop here that sells the pictures and frames for them, but it is really expensive.  So, I figured I could do it myself for much cheaper.  I chose this one for my older sister because she is a very sentimental person.  We originally grew up in a small town in Montana and from there she has lived in Tucson and San Diego.  So, my plan was to have a picture of an object that she would be able to recognize from each location.  With the pictures I would spell out her last name which is Moore.  I purchased this picture frame from Target which had 10 spots for pictures.  What I did is spelled her last name across the top 5 spots with pictures.  Then, on the bottom 5 spots I wrote a description of what the picture above it was and where it was taken on really pretty card stock.  Now, let me just say to accomplish this I had to get a few people from all of the locations to go around and take picture.  You don't have to do this you could easily get the pictures online, but I liked that they were actually taken at each location and were exactly what I was wanting.  I do not have the pictures saved on my computer anymore, but let me show you what I am talking about for the alphabet photography.  I tried to find pictures close to what she actually had. 

This was actually pretty close to what her "M" looked like.  It is at Balboa Park in San Diego

our hometown was built up around the railroad company that our dad work for

San Diego storm drain

light post in Old Tucson

My sister loved the pictures and the picture frame!  I am planning on doing one for me when I get a chance. Oh and if your name is super duper long, make your own picture frame.  The easiest way is to buy some cheap frames that you like (preferably wood) and nail them to a piece of wood and paint them all the same color!  You can make them horizontally, vertically, you can even make them caddy wompus! And if you don't want to make it yourself, here are a few websites where you can purchase some pre-made alphabet photography here, here, and here.   Have fun with it!  What do you all think?  For more gift ideas, check out my other DIY gifts

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