Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Two weeks

Just a heads up, I am alive!  The next two weeks are going to be very crazy busy for me because I am nearing the end of this semester.  So....don't be worried about me, I'll be back very soon!  Hopefully with great projects.  So, catch you later!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Party like it's your what?

yeah, the sun is in my eyes...please ignore my neighbors ugly building in the background.!

Action picture!  LOL!  I was trying to run into place!  Yup, big dork!

My new favorite bracelet.  

  • Shirt from 599fashion.com and yeah, it was $5.99 (first item I have ever bought from here and I was actually pleased with the quality of this shirt)
  • Jeans from Body Central $24

So this last Saturday was my birthday! (I like candy if you want to send my anything, lol).  I heard a study a little while ago that said your 33rd year is supposed to be the best, sadly, I just turned 34.  So, what does that mean?  Well, I agree my 33rd year was a great year but I am fully planning on making this year a great one too!  So, to start off my 34th year, my husband, my friend Brooke and her husband took me out for dinner and then we went bowling.  I have to say it has been such a long time since I have gone bowling.  It was a great night.  I won't lie I do feel like I am getting so old, but Brooke had a great idea.  In order to stay feeling young, we need to do something we did when we were younger, like bowling.  Next year, drunk hide-n-seek!  Yeah, I've actually done that.

Yeah pretty much

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Hungering For A Messenger Bag

On the evening of March 22nd, I went to the movie The Hunger Games with my friend Brooke and posted about it here.  I promised a tutorial on how I made my Hunger Games messenger Bag and I am finally following through.

 So, here is the sizing I cut my fabric up in.  The fabric by the way was a thick canvas with a thick plastic backing.  I used the plastic backing as the lining of the bag.

You can add a 1/4" seam around it, I didn't.  So, my actual bag came out a little smaller than the measurements here.  I pinned the front piece and the side pieces canvas side's together on my first stitching and sewed them together.  

I then turned this piece right side out and sewed the bottom of the back piece on.  

Now, this is going to sound confusing, but I turned the bag right side out again and sewed the two sides of the back piece onto the bag. 
After this, I cleaned up the flaps edges and folded them under and sewed.  

bag finished without straps

For the strap I folded it in half and ironed in on the canvas side....and yes it was ok to iron, even with the other side being plastic. Then I folded it again (quartered it) so that the sides were touching in the middle and ironed it again.  Keeping the sides touching in the middle I folding the whole thing in half and sewed along the edge.  

I used gromets to attach the strap to the bag.  Then using the fabric transfer paper I transfered my image (google image search) onto the front of the flap.  
And it was complete!  Keep in mind this can be done for anything.  It can be left plain for everyday or different themes for children.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


About a year ago, I read the Hunger Games trilogy and wrote about it here.   So, I have been "hungering" for the movie to come out ever since.  My friend Brooke and I have been literally stalking everything Hunger Games for the last year in anticipation to the opening night.  And we finally made it!  Like the true Barney's that we are, we went all out!

Brooke and I with our Hunger Games bags.  I will have a tutorial on how to make them coming up.  

It looks like Brooke is about to beat me up!  In true Katniss form.  

Brooke showing off her Hunger Games nail polish and duck face! LOL

Me showing off my Hunger Games nail polish and duck face.  

Brooke's Katniss braid

my Katniss braid

Brooke and I in the theater waiting.....and yes we had mockingjay pins!  And I know you can't see it, but I also had  Katniss' necklace from the second book
I loved the movie, even though there were a few things I wish they would have done better.  I felt like the actors did a great job!  What did you all think of the movie?

Oh and I know I promised a tutorial and unfortunately I got a little busy will school stuff.  So, I promise I will make my next post the tutorial on the mockingjay bag I was carrying!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I'm Addicted To You

I was on my way home from school today and heard the Britney Spears song Toxic, and I felt like it was the perfect song for this outfit.  Why?  Because I am addicted to these pants.  They are the perfect color!  I absolutely love them...and yes I may be a little late on the colored jean train, but I finally jump aboard and I am going to ride it full steam ahead! Maybe I should have went with, "Come on wide the train, Hey ride it'!

Jeans from TJMaxx $10 (yes, that is correct $10)
White Shirt from Walmart $3 (yup, once again that is correct cuz I got it on sale)
Striped Cardigan from Goodwill $5
Necklace from Body Shop $3
Cuff from Body Shop $3
Shoes from Walmart...and I can't remember how much these babies were

Can I just say, I almost killed myself getting into position before my timer went off! 

Oh and stay tuned for my upcoming DIY.....

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Thursday, February 16, 2012


I won't lie, when I was younger I was a complete snob when it came to thrift stores.  I remember my mom buying me the cutest pink vest from a thrift store when I was younger.  And, I won't lie, I really did think it was cute.  But, I refused to wear it because, well,  it was from a thrift store. 
I think my mom would be proud because I have converted into a thrift storeaholic!  I have actually gotten to a point where I yearn for the Goodwill. 
Here is one of my latest Goodwill outfits.  Well...most of it is from the Goodwill.  

Cardigan: Goodwill $2.00
Shirt:        Goodwill $2.00
Tank top: Walmart (I think it was $10)
Leggings: Walmart ( I think they were $10)
Boots:     Ebay (I think they were $29)

Not the cheapest outfit I have been able to get, but $4.00 for my shirts is a pretty good buy in my book!  What do you all think?  Are there any newly thrift storeaholics out there?

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


***Be prepared for a long story, you may want to skip to the second paragraph for the juicy stuff****
So, today in my anatomy class we were learning about the respiratory system.  We were testing how much pressure of air we can breath out.  After doing mine, I realized I was far below what I should have been.  So, I asked my teacher why that would be.  She asked me if I was a smoker.  Nope, never have been.  She asked me if I had asthma.  Nope, that wasn't it.  

So, here is where it gets good.  The next thing that came out of her mouth took me by surprise.  Yeah....she said, "oh, you're pregnant!"  She didn't ask, she just stated.  A good way to respond to that would have been to just shrug it off and tell her no.  But no.  Not me.  I got a little crazy for some reason.  I slapped my hand on the counter top and said (in a non indoor voice) "I am NOT pregnant!  I'm just obviously fat!"  Not my finest moment.  I was even about ready to start saying, "did you just call me fat?  I think you just called me fat!" 

I will admit I have gained some weight since this school year has started.  And I have been really bad about working out on a regular basis.  So, at that moment of embarrassment, I decided I was gonna have to start working out more.  Oh and I haven't decided if I need to burn my shirt because obviously something made her think I was pregnant. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Leggings are not pants??

 So, I have seen many funny pictures on pinterest like this.  

 But, I will have to argue. I actually think leggings are the most comfy pants...as long as they are teamed with a shirt that covers your butt and larger part of your thighs. I do not believe tights are pants though. I actually saw a girl wearing a rather short shirt/dress and tights. You could almost see her kooka!  So here is the new slogan.  

So, to show just how much I believe leggings are pants, here is me rocking some leggings! 

Do you rock leggings as pants?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sweater Dress Reconstruction...Sort of

It has been so long since I have posted anything and a super long time since I have sewn anything.  And I know this because when I was trying to reload my bobbin, I couldn't remember how to do it.  It could also be that I have been in school for the past couple of months and I have a little bit of brain fry.  But either way, I do have a new reconstruction for you!  Sort of.  Unfortunately I don't have much time for a long, pretty, witty post.  So, here is my fast and the furious reconstruction. 

About a month ago, I went to the Goodwill and pick up a really cute sweater dress.  I loved the color and the scalloped bottom and sleeves.  The unfortunate part was the armpit area was extremely huge and baggy.  So, I did a little bit of thinking,  a little bit of cutting, and a little bit of sewing. 
can you tell how big the armpit area is

I love the scallop on the bottom

sketched out where I am going to cut

I went about a fingers length in

on both sides
after I cut off the sleeves I used a zig zag stitch to finish off the sleeves

Add caption

 With the boot sock and leg warmer trend, at an all time high, how could I resist making my sleeves into matching leg warmers.  And of course, I will have to wear a cardigan with the outfit.  For some reason, I don't feel right in the winter without layers.