Saturday, March 24, 2012


About a year ago, I read the Hunger Games trilogy and wrote about it here.   So, I have been "hungering" for the movie to come out ever since.  My friend Brooke and I have been literally stalking everything Hunger Games for the last year in anticipation to the opening night.  And we finally made it!  Like the true Barney's that we are, we went all out!

Brooke and I with our Hunger Games bags.  I will have a tutorial on how to make them coming up.  

It looks like Brooke is about to beat me up!  In true Katniss form.  

Brooke showing off her Hunger Games nail polish and duck face! LOL

Me showing off my Hunger Games nail polish and duck face.  

Brooke's Katniss braid

my Katniss braid

Brooke and I in the theater waiting.....and yes we had mockingjay pins!  And I know you can't see it, but I also had  Katniss' necklace from the second book
I loved the movie, even though there were a few things I wish they would have done better.  I felt like the actors did a great job!  What did you all think of the movie?

Oh and I know I promised a tutorial and unfortunately I got a little busy will school stuff.  So, I promise I will make my next post the tutorial on the mockingjay bag I was carrying!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I'm Addicted To You

I was on my way home from school today and heard the Britney Spears song Toxic, and I felt like it was the perfect song for this outfit.  Why?  Because I am addicted to these pants.  They are the perfect color!  I absolutely love them...and yes I may be a little late on the colored jean train, but I finally jump aboard and I am going to ride it full steam ahead! Maybe I should have went with, "Come on wide the train, Hey ride it'!

Jeans from TJMaxx $10 (yes, that is correct $10)
White Shirt from Walmart $3 (yup, once again that is correct cuz I got it on sale)
Striped Cardigan from Goodwill $5
Necklace from Body Shop $3
Cuff from Body Shop $3
Shoes from Walmart...and I can't remember how much these babies were

Can I just say, I almost killed myself getting into position before my timer went off! 

Oh and stay tuned for my upcoming DIY.....

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