Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Edward's Mistress

On November 17th/18th, I went to the opening night of Breaking Dawn and like the opening night of Harry Potter seen here, my friend Brooke and I made shirts to wear to Breaking Dawn.  It was hard to come up with something to put on our shirts.  But, after much thought, we decided since we always joke around about Edward being our man (I'm not sure if you all knew about this but yes, yes it is true).  So, that was what we were going to go with. are the shirts after some cut, pasting and ironing with the iron ons we purchased fro the Harry Potter shirt.  They came out pretty good and a little funny.  My picture I chose to put in the shirt makes me laugh because it looks like I am looking back at the camera all cocky like.  What do you think?

don't I look so mischievous?  Probably because I stole Bella's man!
Brooke's picture make me laugh every time I see it

I was trying to look like I was being sneaky since I stole Bella's man!

Us in the theater waiting for the movie to start

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Earth Laughed in Flowers

I was having a fashion block today because it is sooo cold here.  It has been, once again, going between rain and snow all day and it is super windy.  So, today I decided I needed to wear a flowery shirt to make me feel like it is summery. 

  • Shirt was actually given to me from a friend that lost some weight after having a baby.  I believe she got it from the Buckle
  • The long sleeve shirt is thrifted but originally from Old Navy $2.50
  • Pants and I'm not 100% sure what brand they are but purchased off of eBay for $5
  • Shoes are Steve Madden from eBay for $29
  • Necklace is from Claire's on sale for $2.50

How to Look Stylish   Click Here!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Forever Plaid

I have been so busy the last 4-5 months.  I went back to school after not being in school for about 13 years.  Next week is my last week of the semester, and I have to say it went by really quick.  I'd like to the only thing on my mind has been school, but after working in retail for the past 10 years, I have only been able to wear khaki pants and button up shirts or polos.  So, I have had a fun time trying to make my wardrobe into something more my style.  So, I figured on the days that I don't have much time to craft or post a long tutorial....I would show you what I've worn.  So, today is my first one and please be kind.  Also, our weather went from rain to snow back to rain all day and I will not lie my hair does not look the cutest but...I still love this outfit. 

  • Shirt is from Maurices two years old.
  • The sweater is from Victoria Secret that I got for Christmas 4 years ago, but I think they still sell it.  It's a boyfriend sweater.  
  • The jeans are actually from the Goodwill.  I bought them at this beginning of the school year for $2.50
  • The boot socks are from Target.  I got them on sell for $2
  • The boots I found on EBay for $29 or something like that
  • The scarf is from Claire's for I think $15.  
  • Ring is from Walmart...I think?
 I love the combination of colors in this outfit and it is perfect for a cold day like the one we had today.  The great thing was that I had the majority of the items in my closet for many years and never thought to put them together.  I love finding new outfits out of old clothes.