Wednesday, February 8, 2012


***Be prepared for a long story, you may want to skip to the second paragraph for the juicy stuff****
So, today in my anatomy class we were learning about the respiratory system.  We were testing how much pressure of air we can breath out.  After doing mine, I realized I was far below what I should have been.  So, I asked my teacher why that would be.  She asked me if I was a smoker.  Nope, never have been.  She asked me if I had asthma.  Nope, that wasn't it.  

So, here is where it gets good.  The next thing that came out of her mouth took me by surprise.  Yeah....she said, "oh, you're pregnant!"  She didn't ask, she just stated.  A good way to respond to that would have been to just shrug it off and tell her no.  But no.  Not me.  I got a little crazy for some reason.  I slapped my hand on the counter top and said (in a non indoor voice) "I am NOT pregnant!  I'm just obviously fat!"  Not my finest moment.  I was even about ready to start saying, "did you just call me fat?  I think you just called me fat!" 

I will admit I have gained some weight since this school year has started.  And I have been really bad about working out on a regular basis.  So, at that moment of embarrassment, I decided I was gonna have to start working out more.  Oh and I haven't decided if I need to burn my shirt because obviously something made her think I was pregnant. 
So, my what I wore Wednesday, has turned into a, should I burn my shirt day.  Here is the outfit.  What do you think?  Pregnant? LOL! 

So, just in case you were wondering what made me have a low reading on my experiment.....I did it wrong. 

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