Thursday, February 16, 2012


I won't lie, when I was younger I was a complete snob when it came to thrift stores.  I remember my mom buying me the cutest pink vest from a thrift store when I was younger.  And, I won't lie, I really did think it was cute.  But, I refused to wear it because, well,  it was from a thrift store. 
I think my mom would be proud because I have converted into a thrift storeaholic!  I have actually gotten to a point where I yearn for the Goodwill. 
Here is one of my latest Goodwill outfits.  Well...most of it is from the Goodwill.  

Cardigan: Goodwill $2.00
Shirt:        Goodwill $2.00
Tank top: Walmart (I think it was $10)
Leggings: Walmart ( I think they were $10)
Boots:     Ebay (I think they were $29)

Not the cheapest outfit I have been able to get, but $4.00 for my shirts is a pretty good buy in my book!  What do you all think?  Are there any newly thrift storeaholics out there?

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