Monday, May 23, 2011

Look what Louis created

Back in February, my husband decided he wanted to start a garden for this year.  I had mixed feelings about a garden because last year Louis' father had a garden, and it was a pain in the behind.  Every Sunday after church we would go over to his father's house to pick the vegetables in the middle of the summer.  So, when I think of a garden, I also think about sweating in my church clothes with my hair in my face and very uncomfortable.  So, after giving into my husband's plees to make a garden, I told him he will have to be responsible for it and he will have to do the picking if I did not want to.  Here are some pictures of the day he tilled the first section of the garden. 

Our yard is full of rock so here he is trying to pick up rocks
He had to till the garden five times and pick up rocks as he went.  We He ended up planting 6 heads of iceberg lettuce, 4 heads of romaine lettuce, 2 red pepper plants, 2 yellow pepper plants, 2 orange pepper plants, 3 cherry tomato plants,  2 regular tomato plants, an uncountable amount of radishes, baby corn and green beans.  Plus, he planted some squash, cantelope, watermelon, onions, and I'm sure a few other things I didn't know that he bought. 
a couple of the lettuce right after Louis planted them
So, today, Louis came skipping in more excited than a child that is about to get ice cream, with two arms full of lettuce and radishes.  He decided he would cut 1 head of iceberg lettuce and 1 head of romaine lettuce and a bowl full of radishes.  He was definitely feeling accomplished. 
Romaine lettuce

Iceberg lettuce

the two together

the dirty radishes
Let the vegetable picking season begin!

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