Saturday, May 14, 2011

Loving it

I am always searching through other blogs trying to find inspiration.  Something I am sure other bloggers do!  So, today on this extremely dreary day, I did not have a creative bone in my body.  So, here are a few blogs I found that I absolutely love and will have to try out in the future.

Sachiko from Tea Rose is amazing.  I love her taste and see many of my tastes in things that she does.  Right now my favorite thing is her t-shirt tutorials.  I will have to make one myself taking a few tips from her.  Here are my favorite ones that I think I am gonna take inspiration from!
I think this will be my next project!  Definitely stop by her blog, she is brilliant!

Oh and this shirt from Kristen at Grace Violet!  What a wonderful idea!  Please check out her blog too!  She is also very creative!

I love this shirt that she made for her daughter.  I have already made a date with myself to go to the dollar store to get me a doily to make this shirt!
What do you all think?  I love them!  Go check out these ladies' the words of Tony the Tiger...."They're great!"

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