Sunday, December 18, 2011

Funny Onsies

My sister had a baby back in November and I still wanted to get the baby a little something.  But, with the baby being less than 9 weeks old, what do you get him?  A funny onesie! 
I was wanting the onesies to be black, so I went to Hobby Lobby and purchase two.  Now all I needed was two funny sayings.  The problem was I couldn't decide which sayings to use.  Here were the saying I liked.
  1. I'm cute.  My mom's cute.  My dad is just lucky!
  2. Sorry Angelina, I'm taken.
  3. I'd rather be with my aunt.
  4. I drink until I pass out, like my daddy.
  5. Photo with baby $0.25.  Saving for my college fund.
  6. I just got here and I'm already awesome!
  7. My aunt feels guilty for living so far away.  So, I got this shirt.
I sent out a few text messages to ask my mom, friend, and husband which two sayings were their favorites.  The bad thing was they all chose different ones.  My mom liked #1 and #2.  My friend liked #4 and #6.  My husband liked #3 and #5.  So....since that was not helpful at all, I posted on my facebook (but hid the post from my sister, her husband, and my older nephew).  I got a lot of #1, #2, #4, and #6.  So, which ones did I choose?
The sayings after I printed them onto the transfer paper

I have never actually showed the process of doing the shirts in the past.  So, here you go for those who want to see it.....
Me trying to type the sayings up on my "paint" program

Me "trying"to take the backing off of the transfer paper

Place the transfer on the shirt....I wish I would have cut out around the letters better

place the rice paper over the transfer paper

set a 2 minute timer

constantly move over the rice paper and transfer paper for the 2 minutes

completed shirt.  Once again I wish I would have cut around the letters more

second shirt.  Much better!

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