Saturday, December 17, 2011

Book Club Gifts

As much as I would like to be creative, I am willing to be crafty.  I say this because over the last couple of weeks I have done a bunch of crafting, but it has mostly been coping great ideas off of pinterest.  But, I am ok with that (for now) because there are some awesome ideas on there. 
Two of the great ideas I have found off pinterest were these babies.
For website, click here

For website, click here
These were perfect for the book club I am in.  This was all I needed.

Bag of cheap Gummy worms, plastic baggy, staples, and cardstock with saying on it

just "ONE" book, tape, hot glue gun and sticks, and some type of ribbon/yarn

There really is not a lot of explanation needed for the gummy worms.  Pretty much stick them into a bag and staple the saying on the top to attach it to the bag and to close the bag up.

For the ornament, I will not lie, each ornament took me a good hour or so to make.  So, yes they were time consuming.  It was a lot of trial and error to get the size I liked.  I recommend cutting the page down in halves three times for the bigger outer layer and four times for the inner layer.  You roll each section into "cones" and tape to hold in place.  I then made a square out of a page of the book and glued the larger cones to it.  I only have pictures of the first one I did (and for some reason I used tape to adhere the cones to the square and it was much much bigger) but, definitely use glue.  It is so much cleaner and doesn't weigh as much.  I made a whole on the back square piece and threaded the "ribbon" through it and made a knot.  Easy peasy.

This is only halved twice.  I have each of these again for the outer layer.  Then halves that sized once more for the inner layer. 

Roll them in a "cone" shape

tape the "cone" in place

in this picture, I taped the cones down.  But, in the ornaments I gave away, I hot glued them down.  Plus, in this picture I used a larger piece of paper than the piece of paper I used in the ornaments I gave away.

Once you get into doing this, you will come up with your own technique to glue them into place. 

Here is one of my completed ornaments I gave away.  I tied the ribbon (that hangs the ornament from the tree) to the back "square" piece

I love the way these turned out, they were really inexpensive to make, and I really love them.  What do you think?

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