Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Craftapaloosa 2011

My friend Brooke, is one of those people who will come up with the best ideas.  Sometimes she comes up with the craziest ideas.  And sometimes she comes up with ideas where you just don't know if you want to go along with them.  I have learned to just go along with any of her ideas.  Because even if something does not sound some how always ends up being a blast.
On Saturday,I did not doubt the fun to be had. She planned a craftaploosa.  She found three great crafts (that she found on pinterest, got to love pinterest).  She invited friends and family.  And being the organized super mom that she is, set up organized craft zones, pre-practiced the crafts, and simplified the crafts.  Once again, I am not going to reinvent the wheel, but I do want to tell you what we did to prepare and some of the things we tried that didn't work out.    So, to start off, we did the snowflakes from toilet paper roll ornaments.  Here is the inspiration and the website we tried to copy.
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  This was a really easy craft.  The hardest part about it was painting it.  The other day Brooke and I practiced the crafts and we tried to spray paint the snowflake.  But, it was kind of a pain in the arse.  So, we decided to use acrylic paint.  Which actually worked fine.  It may have just been us, but it was hard to get enough glitter on without making it look all splotchy.  But, after looking at the inspiration picture right now, we obviously didn't use enough glitter.  So, here is my finished snowflake.  It turned out cute, but definitely needs more glitter.

Also, I obviously suck at cutting paper because my 5 pieces were not the same size which made it look like a 4 year old made the ornament.  I will still put it on my tree though.  As you can see we added a little something to the middle.  We did this because after assembling our practice ornament, it was not looking very good in the middle.  So we decided to add something to cover up the middle.  But, the lesson learned here is, you can never have too much glitter.
The second thing we worked on was the glittery ornaments.  Here is the inspiration and the website we copied.
This was probably the easiest crafts and came out exactly like the inspiration.  We tried the small glitter flecks that was used in the inspiration and the bigger flakes of glitter and I will agree that the small flecks of glitter looked better....for the most part.  Here is ours.
Brooke pouring the Mop N Glo into the ornament and swirling it around

gotta let it drip out

Adding a TON, TON, TON of Glitter.  The important word here is TON

some of our completed ornaments. 

this one had the bigger blue flecks and the smaller black flecks of glitter combined

The last craft was the most time consuming, but I think the prettiest one.  It was the letter with the berries glued on it.  Here is the inspiration and the website we got it from.

Our berries were a little bit bigger, and poor Brooke cut each berry off of the branch the night before.  So, 3 hours and a blister later she had
Here is the process and the completed project!

 I would definitely say that Brooke's Craftapaloosa was a success!  If anyone wants to do something crafty with  friends and family, this would be a perfect idea.  Oh and the best part was the food!  Brooke made one dish and asked everyone to bring one brunch type of food!  Unfortunately, I didn't think about taking pictures of the food, but trust me it was so yummy! 

Has anyone else out there done a craftapaloosa?  If so, what type of crafts did you do?

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