Friday, June 10, 2011

Starry Night Renovation

I don't know if anyone remembers my last Swirlz Art outing where we painted the Starry Night by Van Gogh.  It was labeled as advanced with a disclaimer stating that the only reason they considered it "advanced" was because it was going to take an hour longer than the normal two hour long classes. My friends and I were excited to do this painting for a few reasons.  One, it was the Starry Night painting from Van awesome would that be to actually have that in your house.  Two, we would be able to hang out with each other and drink wine for an extra hour.  Three, we could say we were actually good painters if the painting looked good. 
Needless to say, I was not happy with my painting at all.  I even have a picture of me starting to pout because I was not happy with my painting.
I mean really look at those sad eyes!

Now, I know when it is my own painting I can be a bit critical.  I have always said (well, since I have attended Swirlz Art) that my painting looks so much better when I get it home and away from everyone else's. This painting did not look any better to me when I got it home.  The more I looked at it, the more I thought it looked like a 5 year old painted it.  As a matter of, my sister has been asking me for one of my paintings and I told her she could have this one...she asked me if she was suppose to tell everyone that my 5 year old nephew painted it. 

 I only had three options.  One, hide it in a closet where no one could see it.  Two, throw it away and feel like I wasted the money and time it took me to paint it.  Three, buy some paint and brushes and fix it as much as I could.  As much as the first two seemed to be a much easier and less time consuming option.  I decided to go with the third option on this.  After purchasing some paint and brushes from amazon.  (you can check out what I purchased from my amazon shop here)  So, I looked at my painting to really critic it and figure out what I needed to work on.  And what I needed to leave alone...if anything.  After a quick assessment, I decided I needed to darken up the majority of the painting.  I liked the color of the milky way, but the rest of the sky's color was too close of a color to it.  Plus, my husband told me my mountain looked like a big mountain of fire heading for my village.  I had to make a joke about it after that by telling him that the ugly village needed to be burned down!  So, yes I needed to fix my village too.  So, after three more hours of painting this is what I ended up with.

I love my village so much more now!  And my sky is definitely darker, but my mountain still looks like fire about ready to burn down my village.  I may go back and still try to darken the sky and mountain a bit more, but for now I am happy with it.  At least now, I can send it to my sister and it doesn't really look like a 5 year old painted it.  Right........?

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