Friday, August 5, 2011

Priorities Priorities

Do you ever feel like you have your priorities in the wrong place?  I have been having that feeling for the last couple of weeks.  I will be going back to college in nine days!  College after being out of school for fourteen years.  I am definitely nervous to go back to college.  I remember the first time I went.  I only was able to go for two years before I stopped going. When I was in college, I was taking a full time load of classes and working two jobs and cheering.  Looking back, I don't know how I was able to do it for as long as I did! 
So, with me being 33 years old and going back to school, I have so much I my mind.  But oddly enough, I have one thing on my mind the most....what am I going to wear and what kind of bag am I going to carry.  Yes, like I said, I have my priorities in the wrong place.  I am worried that I will look too old.  I don't want to dress to old, but I don't want to dress like I am trying to look young. 
I finally decided on a few bags that I wanted but I could not decide for sure which one I was going to buy.  So, I bought them both!  Why not?  Here are pictures of what I purchased.  What do you think?

looks small, but it really is a great size

Now,  I have to worry about what I am going to wear.  I am such a frugal shopper and hate spending a bunch of money all at once on clothes.  So, I went to the thrift store and see what I got! 
Love this sweater.  I think it will be perfect with a red necklace, jeans, and red shoes! $1.50

can always use more skinny jeans to go with boots  $2

same skinny jeans but I love the wear by the pockets

this shirt is so cute on with a brown belt. will  be cute with skinny jeans and boots $1.50

black pants $2, I'm not sure if I am gonna make skinny pants out of them

same black pants up close

this is just a plain neutral sweater but so cute on.  $1.50

white pants, I have been wanting white pants for a while. I actually bought them on ebay for $3 and $5 shipping

boots I bought on ebay, most expensive $10 and $6 shipping

thrift jeans $2
So, I spent $34.50 on clothes!  Pretty good, if I say so myself!  And now that I have that out of my system, hopefully I can concentrate on what is important.  Has anyone else had some great thrift luck?

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